Friday, November 21, 2008

They said come back next year too!

Over the past few months I've gained quite a bit of weight. I'm the heaviest I've ever been in my whole life. I've been happy though. Things are great. I have a very nice, caring, supportive boyfriend who doesn't care how big I get because I'll still be freakin' awesome. But anyway...

I'm facing a big, scary,real health issue. Many people in my family besides a few select people are diabetic. Most of my elders and a few young people too. I've been having diabetic scares for 3 years now. When I did a physical for the job I have now they made me jump through extra hoops(figuratively speaking) just to prove I was healthy and not diabetic.(Then everyone I work with is gimped out in some sort of way WTF anyways) I was good for about 2 years after that. Diabetic free. I would go see the doctor every year just for fun and then they would do some diabetic things to me out of no where. Prick a finger, then I'd shed a tear, I'm a crier. I CAN do tattoos and odd piercings. I can't do the needle, the thing sticking out of my arm ,and have them take blood from me. I don't do needles! It's just not right!

So my dear mother was concerned with our families health history flowing through my veins. I see why she's concerned. Diabetes is scary I'm not gonna lie. I try to be healthy and eat consciously. The diet doesn't last long. So mother was reading some local community newpapers and found a diabetic prevention program that would be able to help me out. Not only help me lose weight but it was incentive based. Heck yes, lose weight, win stuff, and work towards not being diabetic. I was excited to join. I qualified for everything they asked for: over 18, native american, and overweight. They had one more qualification. I had to give blood(dun dun dun).

The night before going to see the doctor I went out with my best friend Goo. So we went to T.G.I. Fridays and ate all the fried crap we could find since it would be my "last supper." I'm not really a drinker but I decided to have a beer with her. That one beer turned into like 4 beers and a shot. I was supposed to fast starting at 12am. There I was at Friday's ripped at midnight with the giggles and scared of the doctor at the same time. I woke up on doctor day tuesday and decided I was going to be strong.

By doctors orders I kept my fast promise. I walked most of the way to the doctors office. (Mother had my car because I'm so kind and generous.) It was so cold outside and I had cramps. I was ready to turn around and go home. I didn't have to go to the doctor. It was my own decision. I kept going. I made it to my appointment nerves and all. These people asked me a ton of questions and I was geeked to be there. Then they made me give blood. I had an idea that they would do the prick the finger thing and that would be the most they would do. Wrong. They were all up in my elbow crease poking and then I was stabbed!!! I was ok. It didn't hurt as much as I remembered but it still sucked. I gave a tube full and then told to drink some sugar glucose drink. After 2 hours of drinking that magical potion I was told to return to get poked and stabbed again. They kept me captive in a little room down the hallway to get my juices flowing. I sure did. I was watching tv, listening to music, texting, taking pictures of myself. I was productive.

Then came round 2. I was still nervous, sweating, and stuff. I asked for the lady who drew blood the first time to do it again because she rocked. She came over and tried to find the perfect spot on my arm. No luck. My veins weren't bouncing. She tried it anyway. Same arm as last time, she poked me. I was freaking out because I knew what to expect. I looked up, she was taking forever and I was in pain! Then she gave me the bad news that nothing was coming out. I saw the needle and thing in my arm and almost passed out. I was pissed. Not only did they stab me twice but it was in the same arm. She continued to poke me in my elbow crease with her fingers and that creeped me out as much as the needle and thing did. Then nurse poke me twice called some other nurse over who didn't speak english to come help scout out a vein. Gross and scared! Finally nurse who didn't speak english decided to take a stab at it(pun intended). She got it! Yay! She didn't know how I felt about needles and stuff and wanted to show me everything she did. I really almost passed out then. There I was again sweaty, scared, relieved, and I must add stabbed in the same arm three times. I didn't cry but I was very close.

I was told they would do testing on my blood and get back to me the next day to tell me my results. You would be catagorized as: a) healthy:don't need help hooray! b)pre-diabetic:join the super fun program and win stuff or c) diabetic:sucks for you

I managed to get a ride home from my boyfriend that day. I couldn't move my arm. I was sad like I needed a sticker, treat, or trophy to cheer me up and for doing a job well done. We went to the Olive garden:-) I called mother to tell her about my experience and she was so proud of me. I was proud of myself too. Mother was surprised they took it out of the same spot in the same arm three times. She felt my pain. I waited two days for my results.

The clinic called me and gave me my horrific results. I called mother shortly afterwards. I was at work and very emotional. All you could hear was me yelling down the hallway "But I gave them my blood!"I got the news that I was healthy and did not need their services. I was pissed once again. I was stunned too. Mother is tinier than I am, eats super healthier than I ever have, and exercises. She was like this before she found out she was diabetic too. All day everywhere I went, out of no where I would blurt out "But I gave them my blood!" Mother just shakes her head and laughs. I did get a $10 gas card and a sandwich for "auditioning" but was traumatic.

I guess it's a good thing I didn't qualify:-(...BUT I GAVE THEM MY BLOOD!!!

*Picture taken after 1st drawing of blood in the little room

Saturday, November 15, 2008


This is my dear Marvin. He's around 11-13 years old. I don't know exactly how old he is. I got him as a gift when he was approximately 9 years old. He no longer hides in the dryer. He thinks he's king of the castle and takes his throne on my brand new queen sized bed. When it's my bed time or any other time of the day you can find him in my bed. He takes up the whole bed too(punk!). He tries to make a ball in the middle of the bed but he's so big you can't really tell. Marvin weighs about 20 pounds. My bed time rolls around and I sometimes feel guilty that I have to make him move so I can sleep. I know I shouldn't feel bad but he always looks so peaceful. He doesn't bite, hiss, or do anything naughty. He loves to sleep, eat, cuddle, and speak cat language. I'm convinced he walks around on his hind legs like people do when no ones around, just a guess. I don't know what else to say about this guy but he's awesome!

Friday, November 7, 2008

I tried...

I love things no one else has. For example I have one of a kind almost everything because I make things myself or personalize something I already have. My new thing is making my own purses. I've made like 7 so far. They're not fantastic yet but I'm working on it! My ideas usually begin to web and grow. It all started by making my own jewelery this summer. Then I needed a new purse to go with my jewelery. And on and on.....soooo
I'm excited to go to a wedding tomorrow! I went to the local fabric and craft store by my house and purchased a pattern and all the goodies to make a dress. Me, being the picky and motivated individual that I am, decided a dress from the store wasn't going to be good enough for me to wear to the wedding. I shopped around the past couple of weeks and the only things they had in my size were hideous Mumu's. Totally not my style (and they still didn't fit me). I HAD to make a dress for the wedding that no one owned or could ever find.
I got all my supplies together and it felt like the first day of school. You know, when you get all your schools supplies together and put them all in your backpack but know you won't use it all but have to bring it. I had a super cheesey grin on my face the whole time cutting out my pieces and following directions. I had my sewing machine set up and my bobbin made. I was ready to go! Wrong. It's all jacked up and won't sew. Here I am, all cute, ready to get my creative juices flowing, and then bang-bang-bang shot down.
Today's the day before the wedding. My mom felt so bad for me when she saw me get excited, put forth good effort towards getting this fabulous dress made, and then get instantly pouty faced. I was even threatening to sew this dress by hand. Mom wasn't having it. She forced me to take $100 from her and buy a new dress. She didn't have to tell me twice. I was out the door! I went to the Mall of America with high hopes. I found a million dresses (ok 9)to try on and I loved almost all of them. In the end I found a dress, not one of a kind, but it's a new dress. Funny how things work out from Mumu to fabu.

Monday, November 3, 2008

slightly irritated

I'm starting to believe I'm a people magnet too. It's not the brightest thing to do but I sometimes walk around with my headphones in my ears jamming out to my ipod while texting. I look super busy and I thought that would keep people from bothering me at the airport while I'm in uniform. I also wear my own jacket so I look like a normal traveler. It never fails! At least twice a day I get people who walk up to me asking me questions. I can kinda hear what they want but I try my best to act like I didn't hear them. I know it's kind of rude on my part but keep in mind I'm texting, jamming, and walking at the same time and I wish not to be bothered. Hey, I'm not on the clock and they hang those humongous signs everywhere so you don't get lost and easily find what you need. I enjoy my personal time alone after a long chaotic day of passengers in my face. Is this a crime? Most of the time I take an ear bud out and shyly point to the sign in front of our faces. It's not a crime to ask a question because I guess there's no such thing as a stupid question but seriously the airport isn't trying to confuse you on purpose. Another thing that just bugs me is that people don't use manners anymore. I get questions yelled at me and if I don't know the answer I get chewed out. Since when do I have all the answers? Whatever happened to "excuse me"? This reminds me of a time Derek and I drove up to Duluth for a mini vacation and we were walking around downtown doing tourist things and walking around aimlessly because we were fish out of water. Then out of no where we get an old couple who keeps honking their car at us. Of couse we're so confused and shrug our shoulders and continue sightseeing. The honking continues. We cross the street and I guess they were yelling something to us for a while but we were in our own world. We end up making eye contact with the crazy couple and they begin to honk their car horn again and yell at us about directions downtown. We did't even get an "excuse me" or a "sorry to bother you" or even a "do you live around here/familiar with the neighborhood?" They demanded directions and insisted we knew all the answers and programmed some kind of mapquest deal into our ipod. We had confused looks on our faces and told them we didn't live around here and we were sorry we couldn't help. They were furious and drove away fast and angry because it wasn't the answer they wanted. Excuse us!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Put me out of my misery!

I just finished writing about my Kevin Bacon phobia a few hours ago. I was relaxing, hanging out with my mom. Mom came up with this bright idea to watch a movie and hinted to a foot rub. If I rub her feet she will pay my car payment for me. Heck yes I rubbed her feet! SO she popped in a movie I've never seen before and she said she hasn't watched it in like over 20 years. I guess my aunt who just passed away loved the flick so we put it on. Mom was stretched out on the couch. I had my hands full of some great smelling Victoria's secret lotion and I began to put it all over her feet. The movie started out ok and started to get more and more funny. Then a scene came up in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles with Kevin Bacon in it! I flipped out. I had her heavy feet on me, lotion all over the place, and I'm screaming hysterically! There was nothing for me to do and no where to go. I was stuck! Just my luck!

If you don't know me by now...

I'm gonna be super honest and put everything out on the table.
I have a fear of normal stuff like bugs, insects, snakes, horses, slimy things, ya know normal creepy things. The thing I absolutely fear the most and cannot stand.....
I'd rather eat icky things and put nasty bugs and stuff in my undiedrawls than....
Oh I can barely even say the thing.....
It's so horrible...I fear the day it crawls through the airport
It almost ruins my life because everyone thinks it's so great...
I just don't get the big fat hairy deal
Torture me, make me bleed, steal all my money, make me ride on a horsey (yes I said horsey)with a snake wrapped around me, make me eat veggies, I'll clean my room!
I have a Kevin Bacon phobia
There wasn't anything that started this.
It just happened
One look at him gives me the chills
It kinda makes my back hurt
and the gag reflex starts to happen
I don't wish to be cured so please don't send me on the Maury show
Just had to get that off my chest

Saturday, November 1, 2008

sleepy girl

I've come to realize how lucky I am
I still live with my momma for free
and I think I laugh super hard every day
I've heard I make a mad face all the time
I'm really just thinking too hard
I don't mean anything by it
LOL I think my whole family looks the same way too
I'm just assuming that I don't really know if they do
My little family is awesome
We eat some really good food and laugh at our own jokes
We get really angry hardcore for good reasons, hey, we have heart
As one of the youngest I'm the oldest in some sense
Everyone comes to me for advice and to say "I should of listened to you!"
I've lost everything in my whole life except for three things: Momma, Tone, and Boogs
Boogs lives in Atlanta so I really only kept two
Anyway that's how I became a hoarder and my bedroom's a mess
Sometimes kitty hides and I don't see him for days
He always comes back when he's hungry and that's how he became "Starvin' Marvin"
Marv's about 20 lbs now. and kinda old...doesn't really land on his feet much anymore
Poor thing.......hey who wants cat??? JK!
I like to write when I'm tired because ramdom things come to my head
If I'm wide awake I don't know what to write I just make that mean face again LOL